Plugin: amazon_s3
Author: Joey
Included in ikiwiki: yes
Enabled by default: no
Included in goodstuff: no
Currently enabled: no

This plugin allows ikiwiki to publish a wiki in the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). As pages are rendered, ikiwiki will upload them to Amazon S3. The entire wiki contents, aside from the ikiwiki CGI, can then be served directly out of Amazon S3.

You'll need the Net::Amazon::S3 and File::MimeInfo perl modules and an Amazon S3 account to use this plugin.


This plugin uses the following settings in the setup file:

  • amazon_s3_key_id - Set to your public access key id.
  • amazon_s3_key_file - Set to the name of a file where you have stored your secret access key. The content of this file must be kept secret.
  • amazon_s3_bucket - The globally unique name of the bucket to use to store the wiki. This determines the URL to your wiki. For example, if you set it to "foo", then the url will be "".
  • amazon_s3_prefix - A prefix to prepend to each page name. The default is "wiki/". Note: In order to host your site at the root, it needs to be set to "", and you'll have to read this for details about configuring your S3 bucket as a website.
  • amazon_s3_location - Optionally, this can be set to control which datacenter to use. For example, set it to "EU" to for Europe.
  • amazon_s3_dupindex - Normally, when usedirs is enabled, "foo/index.html" is stored in S3 as a key named "foo/", and all links between pages use that name. If you also needs links that include "index.html" in their names to work, you can enable this option. Then each index.html file will be stored in S3 twice, under both names. This will use more disk and bandwidth, and is not recommended unless you really need it for some reason. These days, it's probably better to configure your S3 bucket as a website.

Note that you should still set destdir in the setup file. The files that are uploaded to Amazon S3 will still be written to the destdir, too.

Likewise, you will probably want to set the url in the setup file. The url can use the domain name, or another domain name that is a CNAME for it.

The hardlink config file setting is not compatible with this plugin.

data transfer notes

If you run 'ikiwiki --setup my.setup' to force a rebuild of your wiki, the entire thing will be re-uploaded to Amazon S3. This will take time, and cost you money, so it should be avoided as much as possible.

If you run 'ikiwiki --setup my.setup --refresh', ikiwiki will only upload the modified pages that it refreshes. Faster and cheaper. Still, if you have very large pages (for example, a page that inlines hundreds of other pages .. or is just very large), the complete page contents will be re-uploaded each time it's changed. Amazon S3 does not currently support partial/rsync type uploads.

Copy and rename detection is not done, so if you copy or rename a large file, it will be re-uploaded, rather than copied.

deleting a bucket

You can use "ikiwiki --setup my.setup --delete-bucket" to delete anything that's in the configured bucket, and remove the bucket.