It would be useful (at least for me) if one could specify (using a WikiLink) where the image links to. For example, on I'd like to have the logo link to [[hurd/logo]] / instead of linking to the PNG image file. --tschwinge

Done, use link=somepage --Joey

It would be handy if the class and id tags were passed through to the surrounding table in the case of caption being present. Would this break anything? --neale

Seems unlikely to break too much. I can imagine css that styles the img unexpectedly applying the table. --Joey

Available in a git repository branch.
Branch: kjs/img-sharpen
Author: Kalle Söderman

I have created a patch that allows the image to be sharpened when resampled. There is also an additional option to interlace the image using plane for progressive display. --kjs

Is it possible to give an external image URL, must the image be local? One use case would be displaying badges, like the number of stars of a github project, but [[!img]] does not work: ?ikiwiki.svg. --Louis

Eventually wrote my own plugin: ?rimg. --Louis

All the markup formats supported by ikiwiki can do raw HTML (possibly filtered), so you can use <img> for basic remote images; or you can use your chosen markup format's image syntax, like ![some stars]( for Markdown. I don't think ikiwiki directives should duplicate markup formats' features unless it makes a significant difference to functionality or usability. --smcv

I totally agree. I never think about using HTML in my markdown documents, and I did not know the !\[Alt text](image url). Anyway, this plugin took me less than one hour to write and publish; I will delete it soon.

Anyway, thanks for your answer. --Louis

Considering how limited Markdown is, I frequently struggle with this img limitation as well. My last fight was adding a caption to an image. Sure, this can be done by hand, but I stumbled upon Ikiwiki's lack of CSS support for figcaption. And it's kind of annoying to have to write all that <figure> stuff by hand when there's a caption parameter to the img tag... It would sure be useful to be able to reference external URLs, even if it means thumbnails are turned off... --anarcat