Kalle Söderman

Websites using ikiwiki:

Available in a git repository branch.
Branch: kjs/kalleswork.net
Author: Kalle Söderman

Mostly using ikiwiki with the album and osm plugins. My git repo with tweaks including the simplebw theme and various changes to the album plugin and templates can be found in my kalleswork.net branch

Note that the kalleswork.net branch is all my changes piled into one branch that I compile to run my sites.

I can't code (clone my repo above if you don't believe me!) so noone should run my code without checking it first. I can't stress this enough.

The main changes I've done are the following

  • How you browse through the images. The interface i simplified and you click the image to view the next rather than download it.
  • Added separate download link for full resolution image unless size is set to full in the album directive.
  • Extract metadata from exif/xmp data in the image according to preexisting pattern in the album plugin. This was done using Image::ExifTool
  • Autogenerate tags from exif:Subject if possible.
  • Use the albumitem template to create tag pages with thumbnails.
  • Additional albumpreview template which allows you to define a thumbnail that link to the album. Useful for visual index of albums.
  • Extract GPS data and populate a osm waypoint if available.
  • Add span around osm icon to allow for styling.

For my public websites above have been using the tweaked img plugin for many months now. It works well except when deleting images, this seems to require a removal of the indexdb and a rebuild... not very convenient.

A simple test wiki with downloadable setup and data can be found at: http://src.kalleswork.net/masterbranch/