The plugin depends on mdwn. If you have disabled mdwn, to get shortcut work, you need commit in a shortcuts.ext (ext is rcs|creole|html|txt|etc), and edit/patch shortcut.

Maybe use the default_pageext is better than hardcode .mdwn?


done, it will use default_pageext now --Joey

Instead of modifying the basewiki's shortcuts file for local needs -- thus copying it at some point and losing continuity with upstream enhancements -- what about handling a shortcuts-local.mdwn or shortcuts/local.mdwn (if such a file exists in the wiki), and additionally process that one. Possibily a conditional [[!inline ]] could be used. --tschwinge

The page says

Additionally, %W is replaced with the text encoded just right for Wikipedia

with the implication that this is odd. However, it appears the escapes actually mean:

If every character in the string is in the Latin-1 range, encode each character as a http %xx escape: ö -> %F6. If not, mangle the string: ☃ (U+2603 SNOWMAN) -> %2603 which actually means "&03".
Leave the string as-is.
Encode the string as UTF-8, then encode each byte of the UTF-8 individually as a http %xx escape: ö -> %C3%B6, ☃ (U+2603 SNOWMAN) -> %E2%98%83.

http %xx encoding is defined in terms of input bytes, not input characters, so you can't encode arbitrary Unicode into URLs without knowing which encoding the destination server is going to use. UTF-8 is what's recommended by the Internationalized resource identifier specification, so I suspect %W is right more often than it's wrong...

I wonder whether %s should mean what %W does now, with a new format character - maybe %L for Latin-1? - for the version that only works for strings that can be encoded losslessly in Latin-1? --smcv