Monotone is a distributed revision control system. Ikiwiki supports storing a wiki in a Monotone repository and editing it using the cgi interface. It will use the Monotone logs to generate the RecentChanges page.

The monotone support in ikiwiki requires the Monotone perl module to be installed. (It's available from the contrib/ directory in the monotone source.) In particular, it needs version 0.03 or higher of that module. The module is available from the monotone source repository at:

Monotone support works, but there are still a few minor missing bits (listed here so they are not forgotten):

  • Documentation (this page) could be improved.

There is also a mismatch between the way Ikiwiki handles conflicts and the way Monotone handles conflicts. At present, if there is a conflict, then Ikiwiki will commit a revision with conflict markers before presenting it to the user. This is ugly, but there is no clean way to fix it at present.

Also note that not all recent ikiwiki features have been implemented in the monotone plugin. At the moment we're missing: