I think it would be a good idea to think about the standard layout style of ikiwiki, the current layout used in a standard setup and on ikiwiki.info as well looks a bit old-fashioned to me. I guess that a nice modern layout would attract more new ikiwiki users and boost the ikwiki community...

FWIW, I agree. The actiontabs theme would be a better default, but something which showed what ikiwiki was capable of (or more precicely: that ikiwiki is as capable as other popular wiki softwares) would be better still. — Jon

As an author of plugins that interact with the UI, I think it's good that a minimal ikiwiki has a minimal anti-theme, and that plugins are developed against the anti-theme - it's a "blank slate" for themes. ?trail was much easier to get working in the default anti-theme than in actiontabs and blueview.

Technical detail: all the standard themes are done by appending to the anti-theme's CSS (albeit in ikiwiki's build system rather than during the wiki build), rather than by replacing it - so themes that haven't been updated for a new UI element end up using the version of it from the anti-theme. Comments and ?trail both need some tweaks per-theme to make them integrate nicely, but most of the design comes from the anti-theme.

That doesn't necessarily mean the anti-theme should be the one used on ikiwiki.info, or used by default in new wikis - from my point of view, it'd be fine for either of those to be actiontabs or something The important thing is to have a "blank slate" anti-theme that looks simple but sufficient, as a basis for new styles (either themes, or wikis that want their own unique stylesheet), and derive the other themes from it. --smcv

Ikiwiki's minimal theme is not modern. It's postmodern. I like it for the reasons described here. http://kitenet.net/~joey/blog/entry/web_minimalism/ " The minimalism sucked you in, it made the web feel like one coherent, unified thing, unlike the constellation of corporate edifices occupying much of it today."

I see an increasing trend back toward these principles, driven partly by limits of eg, smartphone UI. So I certianly won't be changing the look of any of my ikiwiki sites, including this one.

auto.setup and auto-blog.setup could have different defaults, or allow a theme to be picked as Branchable does. Perhaps actiontabs for auto-blog and default for wikis? --Joey