This is a fleshed out todo based on discussions at managing todo lists.

I would like to have TODO lists inside ikiwiki wikis. This would mean:

  • a new markup plugin to support a language suitable for TODO lists (OPML, XOXO are two possible candidates)
  • some javascript to provide interactive editing.

As chrysn pointed out on the forum page, this has some crossover with structured page data. In particular, if the markup language chosen had a concept of invalid markup (existing plugins just tend to ignore stuff that isn't explicitly part of their markup) we would need to sensibly handle that. Perhaps rejecting web edits and providing context help on why the edit was rejected, although that sounds like a significant headache.

I have started working on this, albeit slowly. A proof of concept is at

There are two git repositories associated with my WIP: one contains the javascript, the plugin, the changes made to page templates; the other contains the contents of that wiki-site (so the test todos and the contents of bugs/ which forms a sort-of todo list for the todo list :) ) I will endeavour to get mirrors of those repos up on github or similar asap.

-- Jon

Just to report the WIP plugin for this is now in a reasonably good state. I ended up just inventing a new markup language -- for now, items are divided by newlines and lists are one-dimensional, for simplicity. I got fed up thinking about how to handle the structured data issues / needing a lot of boilerplate around items and the implications for the "new item" dialogue.

Still quite a lot to do though!

-- Jon

I've pushed a copy of the work in progress which consists of

  • A change to page.tmpl
  • A javascript underlay directory + javascript file
  • a few CSS bits in a local.css
  • a plugin


-- Jon