(This isn't important to me - I don't use MediaWiki or Creole syntax myself - but just thinking out loud...)

The wikilink syntax IkiWiki uses sometimes conflicts with page languages' syntax (notably, MediaWiki and Creole want their wikilinks the other way round, like [[plugins/write|how to write a plugin]]). It would be nice if there was some way for page language plugins to opt in/out of the normal wiki link processing - then MediaWiki and Creole could have their own linkify hook that was only active for their page types, and used the appropriate syntax.

In matching different kinds of links I wondered about adding a [[!typedlink to="foo" type="bar"]] directive. This made me wonder whether a core [[!link ]] directive would be useful; this could be a fallback for page types where a normal wikilink can't be done for whatever reason, and could also provide extension points more easily than WikiLinks' special syntax with extra punctuation, which doesn't really scale?


[[!link  to="ikiwiki/wikilink" desc="WikiLinks"]]