Using the inline plugin, you can get an inline-postform for creating new pages.

It would be quite nice to have the flexibility to do this outside of the inline directive.

I've got a proof-of-concept hacked inline comment submission example at for example. I've just copied the HTML from the post form and stuck it inside a toggle.

(Before Simon completed the comments plugin, I thought this would the a logical first step towards doing comment-like things with inlined pages).

-- Jon

Perhaps what we need is a postform plugin/directive that inline depends on (automatically enables); its preprocess method could automatically be invoked from preprocess_inline when needed. --smcv

I've been looking at this stuff again. I think you are right, this would be the right approach. The comments plugin could use it similarly, allowing sites which desire it to have an inline comment submission form on all pages with comments enabled. I'm going to take a look. -- Jon