The mdwn plugin can use one of several markdown implementations depending on some settings and what's available in the (Perl) environment.

It would be good to have a way to report exactly which version ended up being chosen for a given invocation. Either as a verbose log message, or by setting a variable that could be echoed into content by another command. Jon, 2021-11-08.


+1 && LGTM, but i'm not sure that needs gettext since it's debugging? -- anarcat

Thank you. RE gettext, I think there's value in localizing even debug messages. But I might have not approached it ideally, I did wonder whether instead of gettext("mdwn: using Text::Markdown::markdown") I should have done something like "mdwn: ".gettext("using ")."Text::Markdown::markdown". I bow to the superior gettext knowledge of just about anyone. Jon, 2021-11-10

Available in a git repository branch.
Branch: jon/mdwn-debug-log-chosen-impl
Author: Jon