shortcut creates link shortcut Directives, which substitute their argument into the specified shortcut URL to generate the link target, and use the argument as the link text. For example, given the example shortcuts, [[!wikipedia ikiwiki]] generates a link to, with the link text "ikiwiki". This works well in many cases; however, for things like the debbug example, it simply uses the number as the link text, which does not always provide enough context to understand the link at first glance. For example, [[!debbug 397501]] generates a link to, with just "397501" as the link text. While template provides a general solution for arbitrary cases, it would help to have a simple option via the shortcut plugin to set the link text, with a %s substitution. Thus, something like [[!shortcut name=debbug url="" desc="bug #%s"]] might suffice on a Debian-specific wiki to indicate a bug number, while a more general wiki might use something like [[!shortcut name=debbug url="" desc="Debian bug #%s"]].

done --Joey