Available in a git repository branch.
Branch: jon/default-style-support-dark-mode
Author: Jon

Modern OSes and browsers can now report a user's preference for a "dark mode" setting. See https://css-tricks.com/a-complete-guide-to-dark-mode-on-the-web/ for some background on technical specifics.

The default IkiWiki anti-theme leaves most styling decisions up to the browser. Nevertheless, the anti-theme will always be rendered as Light, regardless of a user's preference for dark-mode, as a site's css needs to explicitly indicate that it can support dark-mode in order for it to be available.

IkiWiki's anti-theme almost entirely supports dark-mode out of the box by virtue of delegating the style decisions to browser defaults. We should add the minimum required CSS to let it be enabled.

(The only example of default theme which does not appear to look good in dark mode, in my testing, is the styling around RecentChanges.)

—­Jon, 2022-12-12