It would be nice if the toc plugin let you specify a header level "ceiling" above which (or above and including which) the headers would not be incorporated into the toc.

Currently, the levels=X parameter lets you tweak how deep it will go for small headers, but I'd like to chop off the h1's (as I use them for my page title) -- Jon

This change to should do it. --KathrynAndersen

The patch looks vaguely OK to me but it's hard to tell without context. It'd be much easier to review if you used unified diff (diff -u), which is what git diff defaults to - almost all projects prefer to receive changes as unified diffs (or as branches in their chosen VCS, which is git here). --smcv

Done. -- KathrynAndersen

Looks like Joey has now merged this. Thanks! --smcv

--- /files/git/other/ikiwiki/IkiWiki/Plugin/  2009-11-16 12:44:00.352050178 +1100
+++  2009-12-26 06:36:06.686512552 +1100
@@ -53,8 +53,8 @@
    my $page="";
    my $index="";
    my %anchors;
-   my $curlevel;
-   my $startlevel=0;
+   my $startlevel=($params{startlevel} ? $params{startlevel} : 0);
+   my $curlevel=$startlevel-1;
    my $liststarted=0;
    my $indent=sub { "\t" x $curlevel };
    $p->handler(start => sub {
@@ -67,10 +67,16 @@

            # Take the first header level seen as the topmost level,
            # even if there are higher levels seen later on.
+           # unless we're given startlevel as a parameter
            if (! $startlevel) {
+           elsif (defined $params{startlevel}
+                  and $level < $params{startlevel})
+           {
+               return;
+           }
            elsif ($level < $startlevel) {