I can't build my ikiwiki 1.40 backport for Debian 'sarge':

$ LANG=C dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -rfakeroot
./pm_filter /usr 1.40 /usr/share/perl5 <IkiWiki/Plugin/favicon.pm >blib/lib/IkiWiki/Plugin/favicon.pm
./pm_filter /usr 1.40 /usr/share/perl5 <IkiWiki/Plugin/shortcut.pm >blib/lib/IkiWiki/Plugin/shortcut.pm
./pm_filter /usr 1.40 /usr/share/perl5 <IkiWiki/Plugin/aggregate.pm >blib/lib/IkiWiki/Plugin/aggregate.pm
./ikiwiki.in doc html --templatedir=templates --underlaydir=basewiki \
--wikiname="ikiwiki" --verbose --no-rcs \
        --exclude=/discussion --no-discussion --userdir=users \
        --plugin=goodstuff \
        --plugin=haiku --plugin=polygen --plugin=fortune
Missing constant domain at IkiWiki.pm line 842
make[1]: *** [extra_build] Error 22
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/ptecza/svn/ikiwiki'
make: *** [build-stamp] Error 2


This is because of an old version of Locale::gettext which doesn't include the OO interface. I had this problem too, but installing a new version of Locale::gettext fixed it. --Ethan

I suppose I should document it needing a new enough version. Or find a way to use the non-OO version while still getting proper UTF-8 strings, which is why I began to use the OO version in the first place..

Looks like the OO interface was added in version 1.04

And there's no good way to get utf-8 strings w/o the OO interface, that I can see.

So, what I've done is documented that it needs Locale::gettext 1.04, and made it not crash if run with an older version, though it also won't gettext anything in that case. Might be a bit confusing if someone misses the docs about it needing the newer version and wonders why gettext doesn't work, but I consider it good enough to mark this done. --Joey

Thanks for the hint, guys! :) I've just backported liblocale-gettext-perl 1.05 package and it seems that now I can build my ikiwiki successfully and it even works :) --Paweł

Thanks for the note on this, made it very easy to figure out what was going on. Just pointing out though that the Debian package doesn't require a new version of liblocale-gettext-perl. I just got bit by this bug setting up a dev ikiwiki box on a mixed stable/testing box. -- ?Adam

The Debian package has this:

Suggests: [...], liblocale-gettext-perl (>= 1.05-1), [...]