just finished setting up ikiwiki..

I can type chinese, save and display it correctly in ikiwiki for the first time. However, when i try to edit the page again, the chinese character in the form is unrecognizable. you can see it here http://ikiwiki.perlchina.org/

I am using the latest ikiwiki(manually installed as non-root user) and CGI::FormBuilder(3.0501) on Debian 4.0

这个没问题 it is not a problem on ikiwiki website though.


Is your system perhaps not configured with a utf-8 default locale? Or ikiwiki not configured to use it? Make sure that some utf-8 locale is enabled (in /etc/locale.gen on Debian for example) and try setting locale in your > ikiwiki setup file. --Joey

I have installed locales-all and locale -a shows that zh_CN.UTF-8 is installed(there is no /etc/local.gen file though). then I enabled this line "locale => 'zh_CN.UTF-8'" in my wiki setup and -setup again. but that generated lots error messages "Missing constant domain at (eval 30) line 3"

sorry being a n00b on this thing what else can I do?

See Missing constant domain at IkiWiki.pm line 842. Looks like you need to upgrade to a newer version of Locale::gettext --Joey