The final </div> in recentchanges.tmpl gets wrapped in a <p> tag for some reason, resulting in the following invalid XHTML at the end of the RecentChanges page


I'll bet this is fixed if you use the markdown 1.2 prerelease, which has a much less buggy html parser. (Ah, I see below that was the case.) --Joey

Also, there is a problem with the <img> tags generated by the smiley plugin which end up wrapped in a <pre> tag in the inline diff output. <img> tags is not allowed within a <pre> block. Maybe the smiley plugin should be disabled on RecentChanges?

See Smileys in the block code, which is now fixed. --Joey

See the validator output for more details.

I'll add this here since it's related. I also noticed that the meta tags for redirected pages need to be closed in order to be valid XHTML:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="10; URL=../ikiwiki/pagespec/">

I'm noticing these problems because I'm serving ikiwiki-generated content as application/xhtml+xml (as opposed to text/html) in order to include inline MathML. Any invalid XHTML causes Firefox to halt all processing and throw an error. —Jason Blevins

Here is a simple patch for the refresh problem. I haven't figured out what's causing the recentchanges bug yet.


Thanks, applied that patch. --Joey

It turns out that the invalid XHTML on the recent changes page is due to a bug in Markdown. I was using the packaged version of markdown in Ubuntu (Gutsy and markdown 1.0.1-6). Everything is fine after installing the most recent version of Text::Markdown from CPAN.

Note that the above patch for the redirect tag is still applicable and the smiley issue remains open. --JasonBlevins

This bug is done, all issues are fixed. --Joey