My backported ikiwiki 1.48 converts smileys in the block code incorrectly. I can see the HTML code of smileys image, instead of smileys image.

For example, I'd like to save interesting for me thread of courier-users mailing list. Please looks below to see what ikiwiki does with that smileys:

From: Bernd Wurst <bernd@bw...>
Subject: Re: [courier-users] Uploaded my SRS implementation for courier to
    the web
To: courier-users@li...
Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2007 19:02:10 +0100


Am Samstag, 17. Mrz 2007 schrieb Matthias Wimmer:
> See the graphic on at the bottom on the left
> side. You will find an example there how rewriting an already rewritten
> address works.

Ah, ok, didn't know that. :)
Thanks for the pointer!

cu, Bernd

BTW, maybe converting smileys in the block code should be disabled at all?


Looks similar to wiki links still processed inside code blocks; in both cases, substitution happens in a code block, which it shouldn't. --JoshTriplett

fixed, via some super duper regexp fun to notice if the smiley is inside a pre or code tag. --Joey