I can't translate "Discussion" link in templates/inlinepage.tmpl and templates/page.tmpl files, because it's hardcoded in ikiwiki sources:

ptecza@horus:~/svn/ikiwiki$ rgrep -i DISCUSSIONLINK . |grep -v '.svn'
./templates/inlinepage.tmpl:<TMPL_IF NAME="DISCUSSIONLINK">
./templates/inlinepage.tmpl:<li><TMPL_VAR DISCUSSIONLINK></li>
./templates/page.tmpl:<TMPL_IF NAME="DISCUSSIONLINK">
./templates/page.tmpl:<li><TMPL_VAR DISCUSSIONLINK><br /></li>
./IkiWiki/Plugin/inline.pm:                                     $template->param(discussionlink => htmllink($page, $params{page}, "Discussion", 1, 1));
./IkiWiki/Render.pm:            $template->param(discussionlink => htmllink($page, $page, "Discussion", 1, 1));

I hope it's a bug, not a feature, because I don't have the same problem with other links, for example "Edit", "RecentChanges" or "History". --Paweł

There are good reasons for feeding a full html link into the template, rather than the urls used for the other links. For one, the Discussion link needs to be different if the Discussion page doesn't yet exist.

You can always use <tmpl_if> and <tmpl_else> construct in that place ;) --Paweł

Not without duplicating the logic that constructs a link to an existing/nonexisting page in two places, one in code in ikiwiki and one in the template. Not good design. --Joey

As noted in l10n, there are some other places in ikiwiki that hard code English strings, and I feel that using standard gettext and po files is the best approach for these, although Recai suggested an approach of translating the strings using a template file. --Joey

You know that I rather prefer static templates, but it's your choice, of course.

BTW, is there a chance for configurable name of Discussion page? In my wiki I use only Polish name of pages, so I would like to have dyskusja.html page, instead of discussion.html page. --Paweł

Ikiwiki is now fully internationalised, so you can change the name of the Discussion page and quite a lot more (but hardly everything) by translating it. done! There's a po/debconf.pot in the source now for translating. See translation. --Joey

Joey, you're great! ;) Thanks a lot! I'll try ikiwiki l10n stuff soon. --Paweł