ikiwiki should be fully internationalized.

As to the hardcoded strings in ikiwiki, I've internationalized the program, and there is a po/ikiwiki.pot in the source that can be translated. --Joey

The now merged po plugin handles l10n of wiki pages. The only missing piece now is l10n of the templates. --Joey

template i18n

From ?Recai:

Here is my initial work on ikiwiki l10n infrastructure (I'm sending it before finalizing, there may be errors).

I've revised the patches (tested OK):


fine. Also a final note, I haven't examined the quality of generated templates yet.

Looks like, tmpl_process3 cannot preserve line breaks in template files. For example, it processed the following template:

Someone[1], possibly you, requested that you be emailed the password for

user on [2].

The password is: <TMPL_VAR USER_PASSWORD>


[1] The user requesting the password was at IP address <TMPL_VAR

REMOTE_ADDR> [2] Located at

as (in Turkish):

Birisi[1], ki muhtemelen bu sizsiniz, [2] üzerindeki kullanıcısına ait parolanın epostalanması isteğinde bulundu. Parola: -- ikiwiki [1] Parolayı isteyen kullanıcının ait IP adresi: [2]

This could be easily worked around in tmpl_process3, but I wouldn't like to maintain a separate utility.

Another way to approach this would be to write a small program that outputs the current set of templates. Now i18n of that program is trivial, and it can be run once per language to generate localized templates.

Then it's just a matter of installing the templates somewhere, and having them be used when a different language is enabled.

It would make sense to make the existing locale setting control which templates are used. But the po plugin would probably want to do something more, and use the actual language the page is written in. --Joey