Available in a git repository branch.
Branch: chrysn/linkmapenhancement
Author: chrysn

linkmaps display the file name instead of the pagetitle, showing unsightly underscore escapes and underscores instead of blanks to users.

the attached patch fixes this; from its commit message:

display the pagetitle() in linkmaps

without this patch, linkmaps display underscores and underscore escape
sequences in the rendered output.

this introduces a pageescape function, which invoces pagetitle() to get
rid of underscore escapes and wraps the resulting utf8 string
appropriately for inclusion in a dot file (using dot's html encoding
because it can represent the '\"' dyad properly, and because it doesn't
need special-casing of newlines).

the output will look much better (at least in my wikis) with the "pagetitle function does not respect meta titles" issue fixed.

Looks good to me.

I don't think it's correct for pagetitle() to output [[!meta title]] though, as discussed on the linked bug: it appears in an assortment of contexts where the full formal title of the page seems inappropriate. If you want linkmap to use [[!meta title]], I think it would be better to give it a show parameter, like [[!map ]] has? --smcv

sounds good; i'll have a look at it the next time i touch the linkmap plugin. the patch at hand would be a starting point for that. --chrysn

the patch is stored in the patch.pl as created by git-format-patch, and can be pulled from the abovementioned branch.

update 2014-06-29: branch still merges cleanly and works. --chrysn

merged --smcv