Ikiwiki, and this documentation wiki, are developed in a git repository and can be checked out like this:

You can push changes back to ikiwiki's git repository over the git:// transport, to update this wiki, if you'd like, instead of editing it on the web. Changes that could not be made via the web will be automatically rejected.

git clone git://git.ikiwiki.info/

The gitweb is here.

Commits to this git repository are fed into KGB for transmission to the #ikiwiki irc channel. See also: spam fighting

personal git repositories

You are of course free to set up your own ikiwiki git repository with your own patches. If you list it here, the gitremotes script will automatically add it to git remotes. Your repo will automatically be pulled into Joey's working repository where he can see your branches and think about merging them. This is recommended. :-)

  • l10n git://l10n.ikiwiki.info/ Open push localization branch used for http://l10n.ikiwiki.info/
  • smcv git://git.pseudorandom.co.uk/git/smcv/ikiwiki.git (browse)
  • intrigeri git://gaffer.ptitcanardnoir.org/ikiwiki.git
  • ?gmcmanus git://github.com/gmcmanus/ikiwiki.git
  • jelmer git://git.samba.org/jelmer/ikiwiki.git
  • jon git://github.com/jmtd/ikiwiki.git
  • jonas git://source.jones.dk/ikiwiki-upstream
  • arpitjain git://github.com/arpitjain11/ikiwiki.git
  • schmonz git://github.com/schmonz/ikiwiki.git
  • KathrynAndersen git://github.com/rubykat/ikiplugins.git
  • ?ktf git://github.com/ktf/ikiwiki.git
  • ?tove git://github.com/tove/ikiwiki.git
  • GiuseppeBilotta git://git.oblomov.eu/ikiwiki
  • ?GustafThorslund http://gustaf.thorslund.org/src/ikiwiki.git
  • ?privat git://github.com/privat/ikiwiki.git
  • blipvert git://github.com/blipvert/ikiwiki.git
  • wtk git://github.com/wking/ikiwiki.git
  • ?levitte git://github.com/levitte/ikiwiki.git
  • ?sajolida https://un.poivron.org/~sajolida/ikiwiki.git/
  • yds git://github.com/yds/ikiwiki.git
  • pelle git://github.com/hemmop/ikiwiki.git
  • chrismgray git://github.com/chrismgray/ikiwiki.git
  • ttw git://github.com/ttw/ikiwiki.git
  • anarcat https://gitlab.com/anarcat/ikiwiki.git
  • anderbubble git://civilfritz.net/ikiwiki.git
  • llipavsky git://github.com/llipavsky/ikiwiki
  • mhameed git://github.com/mhameed/ikiwiki.git
  • spalax git://github.com/paternal/ikiwiki.git (browse)
  • ?jcflack git://github.com/jcflack/ikiwiki.git
  • mjd https://github.com/mjdominus/ikiwiki.git (browse)
  • kjs git://src.kalleswork.net/ikiwiki.git
  • bfree git://github.com/bfree/ikiwiki.git
  • leg git://at.magma-soft.at/ikiwiki.info
  • thcipriani https://github.com/thcipriani/ikiwiki.git (browse)
  • Tina git@github.com:NightTsarina/ikiwiki.git (browse)
  • ?hefee https://salsa.debian.org/hefee/ikiwiki.git/ (browse)
  • bsv https://bico.media/1EZF5WfG6t35iwFpyVVptxT1MB4DKt6G2U bsv blockchain repo using (git-remote-bsv)


Current branches of ikiwiki are listed on branches.