[[!map  pages="sdfsdfsdfsd/*"]]

Presuming that the pagespec does not match, output:

<div class="map">

The UL element is not closed.


--- /usr/share/perl5/IkiWiki/Plugin/  2009-05-06 00:56:55.000000000 +0100
+++ IkiWiki/Plugin/   2009-06-15 12:23:54.000000000 +0100
@@ -137,11 +137,11 @@
-   while ($indent > 0) {
+   while ($indent > 1) {
        $map .= "</li>\n</ul>\n";
-   $map .= "</div>\n";
+   $map .= "</ul>\n</div>\n";
    return $map;

-- Jon

Strictly speaking, a <ul> with no <li>s isn't valid HTML either... could map instead delay emitting the first <ul> until it determines that it will have at least one item? Perhaps refactoring that function into something easier to regression-test would be useful. --smcv

You are right (just checked 4.01 DTD to confirm). I suspect refactoring the function would be wise. From my brief look at it to formulate the above I thought it was a bit icky. I'm not a good judge of what would be regression-test friendly but I might have a go at reworking it. With this variety of problem I have a strong inclination to use HOFs like map, grep. - Jon

The patch in map/discussion has the same problem, but does suggest a simpler approach to solving it (bail out early if the map has no items at all). --smcv

Thanks for pointing out the problem. I guess this patch should solve it. --harishcm

Well, I suppose that's certainly a minimal patch for this bug :-) I'm not the IkiWiki maintainer, but if I was, I'd apply it, so I've put it in a git branch for Joey's convenience. Joey, Jon: any opinion?

If you want to be credited for this patch under a name other than "harishcm" (e.g. your real name), let me know and I'll amend the branch. (Or, make a git branch of your own and replace the reference just below, if you prefer.) --smcv

The current arrangement looks fine to me. Thanks. --harishcm

merged --Joey


--- /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8/IkiWiki/Plugin/
@@ -80,7 +80,17 @@
    my $indent=0;
    my $openli=0;
    my $addparent="";
-   my $map = "<div class='map'>\n<ul>\n";
+   my $map = "<div class='map'>\n";
+   # Return empty div if %mapitems is empty
+   if (!scalar(keys %mapitems)) {
+       $map .= "</div>\n";
+       return $map; 
+   } 
+   else { # continue populating $map
+       $map .= "<ul>\n";
+   }
    foreach my $item (sort keys %mapitems) {
        my @linktext = (length $mapitems{$item} ? (linktext => $mapitems{$item}) : ());