I'm wanting a map (with indentation levels) showing page titles instead of page 'names'. As far as I can see, this is not an option with existing plugins - I can get a list of pages using inline and appropriate templates, but that has no indentation and therefore doesn't show structure well.

The quick way is to modify the map plugin to have a 'titles' option. The hard way is to modify inline to have an indentation option, in which case inline will be a superset of map functionality. The second option seems a little wrong from the point of view of perversely extending what 'inline' means, but it seems right from the point of view of combining common features. Maybe adding template support to map is a more useful approach than just adding a title option.

Thoughts, anyone? --KarlMW

We'd also very much like to have an option to display the title of the page instead of the filename in the map plugin. --Andrew

There's a patch implementing this in Debian bug #484510. It needs a few fixes before I merge it. Now applied. --Joey

I noticed that when the pagespec returns no map items, the map plugin does not close off the ul and div tags. Below is a simple patch that seems to work on the examples I tried. I am a beginner so please help me out here. Thanks. --harishcm

--- a/map.pm
+++ b/map.pm
@@ -81,6 +81,13 @@
        my $openli=0;
        my $addparent="";
        my $map = "<div class='map'>\n<ul>\n";
+       # Return properly closed $map if %mapitems is empty
+       if (!scalar(keys %mapitems)) {
+               $map .= "</ul>\n</div>\n";
+               return $map; 
+       }
        foreach my $item (sort keys %mapitems) {
                my @linktext = (length $mapitems{$item} ? (linktext => $mapitems{$item}) : ());

This was also reported as map fails to close ul element for empty list; this patch is simpler than the one there, but has the same problem (it emits <ul></ul>, which technically isn't valid HTML either). --smcv

Thanks for the tip, I added another patch addressing the issue at map fails to close ul element for empty list. --harishcm