Available in a git repository branch.
Branch: anarcat/master
Author: anarcat

Under some circumstances that remain unclear to me, the usage of urlto() in the revised version of the osm plugin break the map totally. The javascript console in Chromium tells me the following:

GET http://mesh.openisp.ca/map/pois.kml/ 404 (Not Found)

Indeed, that URL yields a 404. The proper URL is http://mesh.openisp.ca/map/pois.kml. --anarcat

Proposed solution

The problem seems to be caused by urlto() being called for the osm directive before the generated files are registered with will_render() from the waypoint directive. Proposed patch adds a function that is called from the preprocess hook for both directives that registers the files.

Here is a patch to IkiWiki/Plugin/osm.pm: https://reseaulibre.deuxpi.ca/0000-Fix-incorrect-URL-pointing-to-the-generated-waypoint.patch


I confirm the patch works, and I added it to my master branch. --anarcat

applied. Thanks guys. --Joey