The po plugin's protection against processing loops (i.e. the alreadyfiltered stuff) is playing against us: the template plugin triggers a filter hooks run with the very same ($page, $destpage) arguments pair that is used to identify an already filtered page.

Processing an included template can then mark the whole translation page as already filtered, which prevented po_to_markup to be called on the PO content.

Symptoms: the unprocessed gettext file goes unfiltered to the generated HTML.

This has been fixed in my po branch.

My commit dcd57dd5c9f3265bb7a78a5696b90976698c43aa updates the bugfix in a much more elegant manner. Its main disadvantage is to add an (optional) argument to IkiWiki::filter. Please review.

-- intrigeri

Hmm. Don't like adding a fourth positional parameter to that (or any really) function.

I think it's quite possible that some of the directives that are calling filter do so unnecessarily. For example, conditional, cutpaste, more, and toggle each re-filter text that comes from the page and so has already been filtered. They could probably drop the filtering. template likewise does not need to filter the parameters passed into it. Does it need to filter the template output? Well, it allows the (deprecated) embed plugin to work on template content, but that's about it.

Note also that the only other plugin to provide a filter, txt, could also run into similar problems as po has, in theory (it looks at the page parameter and assumes the content is for the whole page).

Available in a git repository branch.
Branch: origin/filter-full
Author: joey

So, I've made a filter-full branch, where I attempt to fix this by avoiding unnecessary filtering. Can you check it and merge it into your po branch and remove your other workarounds so I can merge? --Joey

I merged your filter-full branch into my po branch and reverted my other workarounds. According to my tests this works ok. I'm glad you found this solution, as I didn't like changing the filter prototype. I believe you can now merge this code. --intrigeri