In the template for ikiwiki's recent changes page


there is a missing tag after the

 <span class="changedate"><TMPL_VAR COMMITDATE>

This results in the recentchanges/ page being invalid and rendering quite horrifyingly in Internet Exploder.

I'm running (linked so you can see the one I'm running if you need to) the latest version of ikiwiki, and I note that it's broken on too :)

This one on debian is somehow valid, although it's using the same template. Perhaps there's an additional scrubbing going on his end.

Thanks, David

PS: I have fixed the template by hand on my server, so it will validate, however will not.

Available in a git repository branch.
Branch: smcv/trivia
Author: smcv

Enabling either htmltidy or htmlbalance will automatically fix unbalanced markup like this; using comments without having one or other of those is a bad idea from the point of view of avoiding comment forgery, which is probably why works correctly. Anyway, I've fixed this in a branch: Joey, care to review smcv/trivia? --smcv

done, thanks guys --Joey