This is an example blog. Just copy the blog subdirectory into your wiki to quickly get started blogging with ikiwiki.

Or, run this command to set up a blog with ikiwiki.

% ikiwiki --setup /etc/ikiwiki/auto-blog.setup

Some additional configuration you might want to do, if not using auto-blog.setup:

  • Make sure to configure ikiwiki to generate RSS or Atom feeds.

  • Make sure you have the tag plugin enabled, and the tagbase set to "tags". Tag pages will then automatically be created. An example of how to tag a post is: [[!tag life]]

  • Enable the pagestats plugin to get a tag cloud to display on the index.

  • Enable the comments plugin to enable comments to posts to the blog.

  • Enable the calendar plugin and run the ikiwiki-calendar command from cron daily to get an interlinked set of calendar archives.