How to remove the postform for my blog from front page?

I have an inline to create a blog on the front page of my site. I don't want any visitors to see that form nor attempt to click "Edit" on it. I tried setting postform="no" but I did not notice any change.

Any suggestions on how I can have a private webpage that offers the blog post form ("Add a new post titled:") and also turn off that form from my front page but still keep the blog articles displayed from the front page?

I looked at the "inline" docs but may have overlooked this.

I do see I can disable the editpage plugin to remove from front page. But then that made it so I can't add a new blog posting (I want to just not from the front page).

-- JeremyReed

You need two separate inlines, one on your front page which can be as simple as [[!inline pages="blog/*"]], and another on a hidden/unadvertised page, which has postform=yes added, that you will use to add posts. Removing the 'Edit' link from the front page (and all other pages — presumably you don't want it on blog post pages either) can be achieved in a number of ways. I do it by removing it from my page.tmpl file (point templatedir in your setup file to a directory under your control; copy /usr/share/ikiwiki/templates/page.tmpl into it, and remember that every time ikiwiki is upgraded, potentially the file has changed, and you might need to merge in the changes). A better way might be to hide the link via CSS (.actions { display: none; }). You can't add pages via the web interface if you remove editpage from your setup. You should look at lockedit to make sure that only you can edit pages/submit blog posts, should anyone else stumble across your unadvertised "submit blog post" page. — Jon