I am trying to use the attachment plugin, but it isn't working the way I expect.

I attempted to add a PDF as an attachment dns_example.pdf to a example_page (https://notes.example.org/wiki/MiscNotes/dns_docs_page). The upload appears to happen, I can click the insert links button and links will be inserted into the page. When I click the save-page button, the attachment does not appear to be attached. No errors are displayed.

On the web server the attachment is at $srcdir/.ikiwiki/attachments/MiscNotes/dns_docs_page/dns_example.pdf, but doesn't get copied over to the $destdir folder at all. I would expect that it should have been moved to $srcdir/MiscNotes/dns_docs_page/dns_example.pdf and added to the git repo, and then copied over to $destdir. Am I missing some setting in my configuration or something?

Is this expected? Is my file being rejected for some reason? It is about 100k, which is under the value required by the allowed_attachments. Is there some error logs somewhere that I look at to see more information about why this is failing?

# wiki.setup
# where the source of the wiki is located
srcdir: /srv/www/notes.example.org/wiki/wiki.wc
# where to build the wiki
destdir: /srv/www/notes.example.org/wiki/www
# base url to the wiki
url: https://notes.example.org/wiki
# url to the ikiwiki.cgi
cgiurl: https://notes.example.org/wikicgi/ikiwiki.cgi
# filename of cgi wrapper to generate
cgi_wrapper: /srv/www/notes.example.org/wiki/cgi/ikiwiki.cgi
# mode for cgi_wrapper (can safely be made suid)
cgi_wrappermode: 06755
# rcs backend to use
rcs: git
# plugins to add to the default configuration
- httpauth
- pagestats
- attachment
- 404
- table
- tag
- map
- search
- repolist
- brokenlinks
- orphans
- autoindex
- meta
- img
- txt
- template
- theme
# attachment plugin
# enhanced PageSpec specifying what attachments are allowed
allowed_attachments: maxsize(15mb)