I've setup authentication on my ikiwiki website using httpauth plugin. I've also disabled anonok, openid and passwordauth so that httpauth is the unique authentication method. I've configured the cgiauthurl to https://example.com/auth/ikiwiki.cgi in order to make the authentication more secured (password is never sent in clear). My url points to http://example.com/ and my cgiurl points to http://example.com/ikiwiki.cgi .

When I try to edit a page accessed by http, everything works fine: there is a redirection to https://example.com/auth/ikiwiki.cgi (defined in cgiauthurl) and my browser launches an HTTP Basic Authentication login form. But when I try to edit a page accessed by https there is no redirection to the cgiauthurl url. Instead, I can edit (and save) the page without authentication. I've tried this with a fresh new browser session where I have never been asked for authentication before. It seems that editing pages directly from https://example.com/ikiwiki.cgi?page=page&do=edit works without authentication...

I think that the Ikiwiki CGI do not redirect to cgiauthurl when it is accessed by HTTPS.