I host a static ikiwiki site with pages written in Norwegian. To the end user, not much English is visible except for "Last edited" on the bottom and RecentChanges on top of every page.

I'd like ikiwiki to translate these terms (and preferably also localize the time and date displayed). What is the proper way to do this?

I've looked at translation, po and I still haven't got a clue. Translating the RecentChanges page itself is not a concern.

Thanks in advance!

PS: As much as I admire the software of Joey Hess, I'm amazed over and over of how hard it is for me to do certain easy things with it, and how it seems like no one else considers this to be a difficulty. It's like the software presupposed a type of thinking one acquires when coding? working a lot with git etc? I don't know. Is is only me? (Semivalid example: Using my ikiwiki setup-file and wiki pages to generate a site with all dynamic stuff enabled (meant as a read-only wiki) Wouldn't a lot of ikiwiki users like to do this? The example is semivalid because apparently someone else found this intuitive too.)