As per above. I'm using a inline to show most recent pages using meta(date). I want to limit the number of items to 20 but here is the catch I want to maintain chronological order. Kind of like using sort -n | tail.

Showing the n oldest pages in chronological order starting with the first is easy just combine sort and show. Same thing goes for showing the n most recent pages in reverse chronological order.

Can't figure out if what I want to do is doable.

A bit of background: I'm using my tweaked img plugin to populate meta data from images. The meta date is set according to the image exif data. On the homepage I show thumbnails of the 20 most recent images. This is a site of family photos (why I can't share the link here) and such and it's a bit confusing to show all sequences in reverse. I.e first image shows all the presents opened then they repackage themselves and end up with ribbons.