I kind of want to start anew with my wiki, but I also don't want the stuff that I've written inaccessible. Right now I have one folder, where all my wiki files live and I'd like to move everything into a subfolder e.g.: let's say my stuff lives in ~/notes/ I would like to move the notes to ~/notes/old without breaking any of the wiki links. Looking at linkingrules it seems to me that it should work out of the box, but this is not the case. When I try to move a page to ~/notes/old the file is accesible as a wikipage (http://example.com/old/note) but the old links to that page don't work anymore. The wiki thinks the site is missing or something and does not look for it in subfolders. Or so it seems. Anyway. If anyone has an idea to get this to work the right way, that is: to move all current pages to a subfolder without breaking links, I'd be very happy to know.