I use my ikiwiki for personal notes only on my laptop locally (the html pages are under ~/public_html/mywiki) and now I am trying to edit it with emacs and push from command line.

I have some questions about this:

1. Is the following workflow correct:

  • goto ~/mywiki
  • edit and save ~/mypage.mdwm with emacs
  • git add ~/mypage.mdwm
  • git commit -m "mypage edit"
  • git push

Since I also sometimes want to edit it from the web interface, I tested it and noticed that it doesn't seem that I have to pull before editing. If I save an edit from the web interface the directory ~/mywiki is updated magically without using git pull.

Is this correct so far or is there a better workflow?

2. After editing and saving the page from the web interface it is saved with root permissions in ~/mywiki how can I make ikiwiki to save everything with my username as group and owner?

3. What's the best and fastest way to preview a page in my browser after editing it with emacs without updating the whole wiki?

-- anna19 --