I am having a problem with ikiwiki on an armel processor based machine running 32 bit debian squeeze. I first installed the ikiwiki deb from the repos and realized there was a problem uploading images. I downloaded the latest version of ikiwiki from the git repo and made sure I had all of the necessary dependencies and libraries. Make doesn't seem to complain about anything being missing and make test passes fine. I can create a new wiki and edit pages but anytime I try to upload an image it fails. I have the attachment plugin activated.And I added mimetype(image/*) and maxsize(5000kb) to the PageSpec field but that made no difference. I am able to successully add images to the appropriate folders manually via the command line and the commit them to git but I'd liekt o make it work through the web interface. Is there anything that I may have missed?

Edit: I just noticed that if I save the page anyway after the the javascript ui reports that the upload has failed, the file has in fact uploaded.