I've edited a lot of pages with redundant questions, so I will centralize this right here.

After reading a lot until I've found the debconf13 ikiwiki bof, and I saw there was a welcome for a generic bootstrap theme, so I've delivered.

The 'yet another bootstrap theme' has it's source code on notabug.

The installation is like I expected any other theme to be:

  • Untar or unzip the release files into /usr/share/ikiwiki/themes/bootstrap/;
  • Active the theme bootstrap in the setup file or web setup like the manual said;
  • Rebuild the wiki if it doesn't automatically and the site should look like this.

The current release has less than the basics, however it should work out of the box and without modifying anything else, the template files that are tampered with are contained inside the theme folder.

It also shouldn't use external cdns, it does currently use my own cdn but no one should rely on it so I'm moving the files inside the git tree so it will be auto contained.

It is available in the theme market already.