As requested per IRC:

18:07:32  * RichiH notes (again) that if ikiwiki produced html which fit the common template standards, there would be hundreds of high quality templates there for the taking ;)
18:09:47 < smcv> RichiH: where by "common template standards" you mean "something specific to bootstrap"?
18:10:05 < smcv> or is there an actual standard with some sort of spec, a la microformats?
18:32:16 < RichiH> smcv: all the free webdesign sites have one shared format
18:32:48 < RichiH> iirc, there's a patchset for ikiwiki. again iirc, it was already old by debconf13 when we discussed that
18:35:16 < smcv> RichiH: please point me to something I can review, I'll try to look at it
18:35:40 < smcv> RichiH: also please point to something resembling a specification so I can tell whether the patchset is appropriate
18:36:12 < smcv> RichiH: you certainly didn't discuss anything with me at dc13, I haven't been to a debconf since 7 :-)
18:38:57 < RichiH> smcv: we discussed it with joeyh 
18:39:04 < RichiH> i forgot the name of the other guy with the patch series
18:39:39 < RichiH> should have interesting bits and pieces
18:42:37 < smcv> please open a todo on
18:42:53 < smcv> sorry, I am not going to remember this when not at work

I think it was anarcat who had the patches

For the record, I don't quite know what we are talking about here. I was not aware there was such a thing as a "common template standard". Also, all my work on Ikiwiki has been published in this wiki, as far as I know. I have made a custom theme, which is linked in the theme market and also worked on the bootstrap theme... which is now basicallly irrelevant because someone else ported bootstrap4 to ikiwiki (see ikistrap). -- anarcat

I've started yet another bootstrap theme. The main reason being because I wanted a theme that actually worked within the theme plugin without changing anything else, and I've made it. --desci