Puzzled a bit :-/

There is no explicit interface for reverting edits. Most of us use git revert. --Joey

That's a blow; I was planning on appointing no techies to keep law and order on our pages :-/ Is there a plugin or at least a plan to add such a 'in demand' feature?

A lot of things complicate adding that feature to the web interface.

First, ikiwiki happily uses whatever the VCS's best of breed web history interface is. (ie, viewvcs, gitweb). To allow reverting past the bottom of the RecentChanges page, it would need to have its own history browser. Not sure I want to go there.

And the mechanics of handling reverting can quickly get complex. Web reverting should only allow users to revert things they can edit, but reverting a whole commit in git might touch multiple files. Some files may not be editable over the web at all. (The untrusted git push also has to deal with those issues.) Finally, a revert can fail with a conflict. The revert could touch multiple files, and multiple ones could conflict. The conflict may involve non-page files that can't be diffed. So an interface for resolving such a conflict could be hard.

Probably web-based reverting would need to be limited to reverting single file changes, not whole commits, and not having very good conflict handling. And maybe only being accessible for changes still visible on RecentChanges. With those limitations, it's certianly doable (as a plugin even), but given how excellent git revert is in comparison, I have not had a real desire to do so. --Joey

Web edits are single-file anyway, so I wouldn't expect web reverts to handle the multi-file case. OTOH, I've sometimes wished ikiwiki had its own history browser (somewhere down my todo list). --schmonz

Yup, having a possibility to revert a single file would suffice.

Perer Gammie and I are working on reversion over at web reversion. --Joey

Update: Web reversion is now supported by ikiwiki. Only changes committed to your wiki after you upgrade to the version of ikiwiki that supports it will get revert buttons on the RecentChanges page. If you want to force adding buttons for older changes, you can delete recentchanges/*._change from your srcdir, and rebuild the wiki. --Joey