I'm running 3.20130904.1ubuntu1 on Ubuntu 14.04 and have a slight problem with the table plugin because my TSV file contains cells that start with a "#" (IRC channel names) and the "#" is replaced with an <h1> tag. For now I decided to hack my local installation of ikiwiki to replace "#" with the equivalent HTML entity, but I'd be curious to hear some discussion on this problem. I like having my TSV go through the Markdown rendering so that the URLs in the TSV are turned into clickable links. http://wiki.greptilian.com/haunts is where you can see me using the table plugin. The hack is in place so that the cells that start with "#" are not turned into <h1> tags. I don't particularly want to change my TSV data itself since I want to treat it as data and not introduce HTML entities or some other hacks in the data itself. I guess I just want some more flexibility from the table plugin on how the data is processed as Markdown. Any thoughts on all of this? -- pdurbin