I have a bunch of tag pages autogenerated by the tag plugin. As part of a redesign for my wiki, I have changed the autotag.tmpl template, but IkiWiki refuses to rebuild existing tag pages using the updated template. I understand that existing tag pages are not rebuilt because they have been marked as "created" in .ikiwiki/indexdb. Is there a way to purge all tag pages from indexdb? --dkobozev

Well, you can delete the indexdb and rebuild, and that will do it. The tag plugin is careful not to replace existing pages or even recreate tag pages if you delete them, which does cause a problem if you need to update them. --Joey

Thanks. I thought about deleting indexdb, but hesitated to do that. According to inside dot ikiwiki, indexdb stores "all persistent state about pages". I didn't know if it's harmless to lose all persistent state. --dkobozev

The persistant state is best thought of as a cache, so it's safe to delete it. --Joey