A plugin for handling files written in org-mode.

A complete rewrite of the plugin can be found here. It uses a dedicated emacs instance to parse the org-mode files. Thus, it should be a bit faster than the older plugin, as well as properly handling wikilinks and images, two features not present in the older plugin. An example of its use can be found at my blog.

Available in a git repository branch.
Branch: wtk/org
Author: wtk

Original plugin

This is an updated form of Manoj Srivastava's plugin. You can see the plugin in action on my blog.

For reasons discussed in the reStructuredText plugin, wikilinks and other ikiwiki markup that inserts raw HTML can cause problems. Org-mode provides a means for processing raw HTML, but Ikiwiki currently (as far as I know) lacks a method to escape inserted HTML depending on which plugins will be used during the htmlize phase.