Plugin: postal
Author: DavidBremner
Included in ikiwiki: no
Enabled by default: no
Included in goodstuff: no
Currently enabled: no

The postal plugin allows users to send mail to a special address to comment on a page. It uses the mailbox plugin to display their comments in the wiki.

This plugin is not in ikiwiki yet, but can be downloaded from


  • Adds a mailto: url to each page matching some pagespec (currently every page gets a comment footer)

  • This mailto url goes to an address identifying the page (something like user-iki-blog~I_hate_markdown@host.fqdn.tld). more details

  • on the mail receiving end, these messages are either deleted, or ran through a filter to be turned into blog posts. I have written a filter that decodes the address and writes the message into an appropriate mailbox. The changes are then checked into version control; typically a hook then updates the html version of the wiki.

  • work in progress can be

  • cloned, or

  • browsed

  • I would be interested in any ideas people have about security.

The current version of this plugin is now running on my home page. See for example a recent post in my blog.
Unfortunately although the mailbox renderer supports threading, I haven't had a chance to implement comments on comments yet. --DavidBremner