It seems like the filter '' I wrote doesn't refresh thoroughly enough. When a comment is added it calls


And then after adding the actual comment, it ends with


Sure enough, the page being commented on is refreshed, but not any inline pages (e.g. tags pages, blog top level) that contain it. Is there a way to recursively refresh? Or should it work that way by default. I guess it is some part of the api that I don't understand, since I think not many people grub about in the internals of ikiwiki this way. It would be nice to figure this out, doing a full rebuild every time I get a blog comment is not that fun.


Ikiwiki currently doesn't have support for transitive dependencies. This is discussed deep inside tracking bugs with dependencies and in inlines inheriting links.

FYI, the comments plugin avoids this problem by only showing the comments on the page, and not on pages that inline it. --Joey

Ok, thanks for the speedy response. I guess I should do the same thing. DavidBremner