It would be nice to be able to set a few options for the highlighter object. In particular, today I noticed my tabs were not being expanded correctly, which could be fixed the command line with --replace-tabs but programmatically needs a call to setPreformatting. I could probably play with this, but what is your preferred way to support options? something like 'highlight_options=>{replace_tabs=>8,line_numbers=>0}' ? Of course, if you want to implement it I won't complain :-). DavidBremner

I don't know about tab replacement, which I can't really see the point of, but if there are multiple options, giving each its own nane would word better for websetup than would putting all the options in a sub-hash. --Joey

Has anyone got this running with CentOS/RHEL ?
Having trouble working out where to get the perl bindings for highlight. --Mick

The perl bindings are hidden in examples/swig in highlight's source. --Joey

Thanks for prompt reply.All working. I will post on my site tonight and link here what I did on CentOS to make this work. --Mick

Any hint on how to highlight actual mdwn or any other supported markup code? -- wiebel

Hi, I would like put code with higlight plugin ([[!format php """ code code code """]]) between 2 sublists. Something like that:

  • level 1
    • level 2
echo "coucou";
  • level 2

You can see that the second level 2 is not correctly translate. It is translate in level 1 :-(. What is the good syntax ? -- Julien