Plugin: highlight
Author: Joey
Included in ikiwiki: yes
Enabled by default: no
Included in goodstuff: no
Currently enabled: yes

This plugin allows ikiwiki to syntax highlight source code, using a fast syntax highlighter that supports over a hundred programming languages and file formats.


You will need to install the perl bindings to the highlight library. In Debian they are in the libhighlight-perl package. If your distribution does not have them, look in examples/swig in highlight's source.

embedding highlighted code

To embed highlighted code on a page, you can use the format plugin.

For example:

[[!format  c """
void main () {
    printf("hello, world!");

[[!format  diff """

You can do this for any extension or language name supported by the highlight library -- basically anything you can think of should work.

highlighting entire source files

To enable syntax highlighting of entire standalone source files, use the tohighlight setting in your setup file to control which files should be syntax highlighted. Here is a typical setting for it, enabling highlighting for files with the extensions .c, etc, and also for any files named "Makefile".

tohighlight => ".c .h .cpp .pl .py Makefile:make",

It knows what language to use for most filename extensions (see /etc/highlight/filetypes.conf for a partial list), but if you want to bind an unusual filename extension, or any file without an extension (such as a Makefile), to a language, you can do so by appending a colon and the name of the language, as illustrated for Makefiles above.

With the plugin configured this way, source files become full-fledged wiki pages, which means they can include WikiLinks and directives like any other page can, and are also affected by the smiley plugin, if it is enabled. This can be annoying if your code accidentially contains things that look like those.

On the other hand, this also allows your syntax highlighed source code to contain markdown formatted comments and hyperlinks to other code files, like this:

/* \[[!format mdwn """
    This comment will be formatted as *markdown*!

    See [[bar.h]].
""]] */

Finally, bear in mind that this lets anyone who can edit a page in your wiki also edit source code files that are in your wiki. Use appropriate caution.


The colors etc used for the syntax highlighting are entirely configurable by CSS. See ikiwiki's style.css for the defaults.