Hi Joey and many thanks for your work on ikiwiki, as usual you give us a very good soft...

I want to be able to edit my website from a navigator (with the CGI) and from my favorite editor on my laptop. I have managed to use the subversion wrapper so I have write a post-commit hook with :

cd /~/wikisrc/ 
svn up
/usr/bin/ikiwiki --setup ../ikiwiki.setup

at the end.

This configuration works for me, the svn wrapper doesn't seems to do the svn up stuff so I wonder if I've missed something...


Well, you've created a post-commit script that runs ikiwiki in setup mode. That's not how it's generally done, instead you generally configure ikiwiki to generate a post-commit binary that runs ikiwiki in update mode. That binary can be installed directly as the post-commit hook, or called from an existing post-commit hook script, and it will handle the necessary svn up, and will update the wiki much quicker than your --setup command above (which rebuilds the entire wiki and all wrappers each commit)!

In this wiki's setup file, I configure ikiwiki to generate a post-commit wrapper binary like so:

wrappers => [ { wrapper => "/srv/svn/ikiwiki/hooks/post-commit", wrappermode => "04755", notify => 1, } ],

Hello, I've setup ikiwiki with subversion. I can edit pages from web browser using CGI and, when I go to recentchanges, it shows that modification with "web" word. But, if I modify any .mdwn file, it gets updated in website but it doesn't show in recentchanges entry with "svn" word. If I run "svn ci -m changes", it shows in recentchanges correctly.

So, I think I miss something, because I don't think I must run "svn add" or "svn commit" anytime I modify or create a wiki file.


Yes, ikiwiki does expect you to use your revision control system to check in changes. Otherwise, recentchanges cannot work right, since it uses the commit history from your revision control system. --Joey

I'm working on an rcs plugin for CVS, adapted from svn.pm, in order to integrate ikiwiki at sites where that's all they've got. What's working so far: web commit (post-commit hook and all), diff, add (under certain conditions), and remove. What's not working: with rcs_add(), iff any of the new page's parent dirs aren't already under CVS control and the post-commit hook is enabled, the browser and ikiwiki stall for several seconds trying to add it, then time out. (If I kill ikiwiki when this is happening, it cvs adds the topmost parent that needed adding; if I wait for timeout, it doesn't. I think.) If I disable the post-commit hook and do the same kind of thing, the page is created and saved.

In case you're lucky enough not to know, cvs adds on directories are weird -- they operate immediately against the repository, unlike file adds:

$ cvs add randomdir
Directory /Users/schmonz/Documents/cvswiki/repository/ikiwiki/randomdir added to the repository

I was able to work out that when I'm seeing this page save misbehavior, my plugin is somewhere inside system("cvs", "-Q", "add", "$file"), which was never returning. If I changed it to anything other than cvs it iterated correctly over all the parent dirs which needed to be added to CVS, in the proper order. (cvs add isn't recursive, sadly.)

Can you offer an educated guess what's going wrong here? --Schmonz

Got rcs_recentchanges working, believe it or not, thanks to cvsps. If I can figure out this interaction between the post-commit hook and cvs add on directories, the CVS plugin is mostly done. Could it be a locking issue? Where should I be looking? Any suggestions appreciated. --Schmonz

Okay, it is definitely a locking issue. First, on the conjecture that cvs add <directory> was triggering the post-commit hook and confusing ikiwiki, I wrapped the ikiwiki post-commit binary with a shell script that exited 0 if the triggering file was a directory. The first half of the conjecture was correct -- my wrapper got triggered -- but the web add of one/two/three.mdwn (where one and two weren't existing CVS-controlled dirs) remained hung as before. There were two ikiwiki processes running. On a whim, I killed the one with the higher PID; cvs add one immediately completed successfully, then back to a hang and two ikiwiki processes. I killed the newer one again and then cvs add one/two and cvs add one/two/three.mdwn completed and the web add was successful. --Schmonz

Aaaaaand I was wrong about the second half of the conjecture being wrong. The wrapper script wasn't correctly identifying directories; with that fixed, everything works. I've created a cvs page. Thanks for listening. :-) --Schmonz

Here is a comment I committed to my laptop from Madrid Airport before your most recent updates, in case it's still useful:

Locking certianly seems likely to be a problem. ikiwiki calls rcs_add before disabling the post-commit plugin, since all over VCS allow adding something in a staged manner. You can see this in, for example, editpage.pm lines 391+.

So I guess what happens is that ikiwiki has taken the wiki lock, calls rcs_add, which does a cvs add, which runs the post commit hook, since it is not disabled -- which blocks waiting for the wiki lock.

I guess you can fix this in either of three ways: Modify lots of places in ikiwiki to disable the post commit hook before calling rcs_add, or make cvs's rcs_add temporarily disable the commit hook and re-enable it (but only if it was not already disabled, somehow), or make cvs's rcs_add only make note that it needs to call cvs add later, and do so at rcs_commit. The last of these seems easist, especially since ikiwiki always commits after an add, in the same process, so you could just use a temporary list of things to add. --Joey

Thanks for the comments. Attempting to set up a wiki on a different system with a different version of cvs, I've encountered a new locking problem within CVS: cvs commit takes a write lock, post-commit ikiwiki calls rcs_update(), cvs update wants a read lock and blocks. The easiest fix I can think of is to make cvs commit return and relinquish its lock -- so instead of my wrapper script execing ikiwiki's post-commit hook, I amp it off and exit 0. Seems to do the trick and, if I grok ikiwiki's behavior here, is not dangerous. (Beats me why my development cvs doesn't behave the same WRT locking.)

I was all set to take your third suggestion, but now that there's more than one CVS oddity fixed trivially in a wrapper script, I think I prefer doing it that way.

I'd be glad for the CVS plugin to be included in ikiwiki, if and when you deem it ready. Please let me know what needs to be done for that to happen. --Schmonz