Available in a git repository branch.
Branch: schmonz/cvs
Author: schmonz

If you really need to, you can use CVS with ikiwiki.


  1. Install File::chdir, File::ReadBackwards, cvsps (note: probably not cvsps3), and cvsweb or the like.
  2. Adjust CVS-related parameters in your setup file.

Consider creating $HOME/.cvsrc if you don't have one already; the plugin doesn't need it, but you yourself might. Here's a good general-purpose one:

cvs -q
checkout -P
update -dP
diff -u
rdiff -u

Implementation details

  • ikiwiki-makerepo:
    • creates a repository,
    • imports $SRCDIR into top-level module ikiwiki (vendor tag IKIWIKI, release tag PRE_CVS),
    • configures the post-commit hook in CVSROOT/loginfo.

To do

  • Expand test coverage and fix bugs.
  • Have ikiwiki-makerepo set up NetBSD-like log_accum and commit_prep scripts that coalesce commits into changesets. Reasons:
    1. Obviates the need to scrape the repo's complete history to determine the last N changesets. (Repositories without such records can fall back on the cvsps and File::ReadBackwards code.)
    2. Arranges for ikiwiki to be run once per changeset, rather than CVS's once per committed file (!), which is a waste at best and bug-inducing at worst. (Currently, on multi-directory commits, only the first directory's changes get mentioned in recentchanges.)
  • Perhaps prevent web edits from attempting to create .../CVS/foo.mdwn (and .../cvs/foo.mdwn on case-insensitive filesystems); thanks to the CVS metadata directory, the attempt will fail anyway (and much more confusingly) if we don't.
  • Do a writeup for details.