This page lists branches that have been reviewed. If your branch shows up here, the ball is back in your court, to respond to the review and deal with whatever is preventing it from being merged into ikiwiki. Once you do, remove the "reviewed" tag.

Don't change text like [[this]] in code blocks
Posted Sat Jun 9 12:24:47 2018
listsubscribe (third party plugin)
Posted Mon Feb 22 17:28:29 2016
support multi-row table headers
Posted Wed Jul 23 11:07:14 2014
osm plugin GeoJSON popup patch
Posted Sun Oct 6 05:11:55 2013
osm plugin error TypeError: mapProjection is null
Posted Sat Aug 24 10:50:29 2013
pagespec aliases
Posted Tue May 3 12:47:02 2011
configurable markdown path
Posted Sat Jan 8 12:56:33 2011
inline raw files
Posted Tue Oct 5 09:33:36 2010