Available in a git repository branch.
Branch: cbaines/osm-popup-fixes
Author: cbaines

When using the GeoJSON output of the OSM plugin (osm_format: GeoJSON), the name and description in the popups are missing, this patch fixes the issue.

"Fix the title and description of map popups"

  •       # Rename desc to description (this matches the kml output)

Is there a spec for this anywhere, or a parser with which it needs to be compatible? --smcv

This is especially confusing because this is actually about JSON, not KML. Disregarding that, here's the geojson homepage which has a link to the spec. The spec doesn't seem to specify description, desc or name anywhere. --anarcat

No, although I believe the only code that parses this is line 112 of underlays/osm/ikiwiki/osm.js.

Ah, right, then this may make sense after all... --anarcat