ikiwiki.info is occasionally attacked by persistent spammers who keep making changes. Anyone can revert spam changes, and several people do.

If you find a spammer, and revert their spam, please post a link to the spam commit here. After review, these can be used to ban spammers by login, or for the really persistent ones, by IP (or even IP range).

If you're a trusted member of the ikiwiki community and would like access to the setup branch in git to be able to update the ban list, get in touch with joey with a ssh public key. Once your key is added, you will be able to edit the ikiwiki.setup file on the setup branch, and push changes. You will also be able to access the recent web server logs to find IP addresses from recent web edits, by running:

ssh b-ikiwiki@ikiwiki.info logdump | grep 'GET .*\?updated HTTP\/' > access.log

Spam commits

Commit Date Login IP
854588d 2013/08/15 webschen1
d8f1faa 2013/08/16 webschen1
d1dbd8e 2013/08/19 webschen1
6602052 2013/08/21 webschen1
d93a948 2013/09/05 soman81
568fdb0 2013/09/05 soman81
d759052 2013/09/08 spain1001
24a1c62 2013/09/15 spain1001
cba01c2 2013/09/15 spain1001
702a3e5 2014/01/02 Toni
c2924ce 2014/01/02 domtheo9110
cd81b9f 2014/01/03 domtheo9110 ?
e3376ce 2014/08/19 Nng_L (OpenID)
104c606 2014/08/19 tlevine (OpenID)
4c7f247 and 4 more 2015/01/08 lis (OpenID)
eb526e9 and 5 more 2015/01/10 loveneet (OpenID)
ca4d8fc and 17 more 2015/01/12-14 spalax. (note the trailing dot) and
992f995 2015/03/20 snape (OpenID)
1d05cf3 2015/05/20 justine (OpenID) ?
697a0e4 and bc1b60b 2019/12/21 360boom720@gmail.com
39c6ce3 and 13 more 2020/06/04 gogreenjogja1453@gmail.com